About Danish Horticulture

Danish Horticulture is the association for the Danish horticultural industry. The association represents the political interests of approximately 500 members.

Members of Danish Horticulture benefit from our influence in relation to the following:

  • Attracting attention to the Danish horticultural industry in order to increase the interest and knowledge of the business
  • Strengthening the awareness of the value of the horticultural industry
  • Setting the industry’s interests on the political agenda, nationally as well as internationally
  • Continuously developing the Danish horticultural industry and attending to the needs and important issues of the sector

Danish Horticulture is an active forum for discussion and debate within the sector, and we attach great importance to being visible and in close contact with our members.

Danish Horticulture’s mission is to:

  • Be the preferred collaborator for companies in the horticultural industry
  • Offer member companies easy and quick access to information of importance and interest to the horticultural sector – in specialist areas and politically
  • Be known as a reliable and trustworthy co-operator

The general assembly is the supreme body of the association and elects the chairman and the vice-chairman of the board. The remaining members of the board represent geographical areas, sectors and marketing organisations.

Our members are producers of horticultural products and other companies/persons connected with the horticultural sector.

Danish Horticulture is situated at Axelborg in Copenhagen and works closely together with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.